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Monthly Packages

These days most small business owners choose pay per month websites over one time web design plans. As it give them a variety of benefits combined with a well optimised site. If you also own a small business and need to grow your business. 

These days most small business owners choose pay per month websites over one time web design plans. As it give them a variety of benefits combined with a well optimised site. If you also own a small business and need to grow your business. Contact A1Dezine team to get a fully functional website.

The EziTech Pro team provide excellent monthly web design subscriptions packages. We make sure to offer services at affordable prices and tailored according to the customer needs.

Here are some amazing features of our effective services:

  • Daily backups

  • Website Hosting

  • Free Informational WordPress videos

  • Basic Search Engine optimisation



Get a well-managed site

Our monthly subscription packages cover website design. This support us to provide continuous protection and monitoring. We can also fix any issue on your site. We also give some additional benefits to customers who subscribe to our Blog Package or Basic Site service. For instance, we offer premium services of content formatting and editing. However, you will have to pay extra price to design additional pages. You can consider getting a Conversion pro package, full managed website package or startup business plan. That way you can enjoy our superior service of fully managing sites.



Get monthly technical help

If you have own a website before, you must be aware of the malicious activities that can take place on your site. In fact, we all have seen or heard about websites getting crashed or offline. This is the reason we make sure to provide ultimate technical help 24/7. If you get our pay per month website plan, your site will always remain active to help your customers. To make it happen our experts offer wide range professional services including WordPress performance tuning, migration, configuration, database, building multi site websites, malware removal service, fixing hacked sites and more.



Work with a helpful community

At A1Dezine, we have a well-experienced and helpful community of experts. As we believe that there is no point in creating a site that operate without a helpful community. We even provide useful online tutorials on everything that is related to website design and development. Our experts can help you to fix any problem on your site without inconvenience. You can get access the tutorials and guides on our online platform for free. It will help you operate your website with no trouble.




Get excellent security monitoring service

Today we can see a large number of websites are getting hacked. While a number of malicious people are hacking records and important data on websites. Therefore, we focus on creating sites that are entirely secure to work with. Keeping this in mind we design excellent security packages that can check your site 24/7. It will keep your site away from any type of malicious activity.



Get quick website design and development service

We keep an excellent pre-designed framework to meet the requirements of every client owning small business. This help us to deliver a smooth and fast website designing experience. All of our subscriptions are developed using WordPress. You have to just discuss your preferences with out friendly team. And, they will come up with a website that exactly suit your needs.

Get emergency support instantly

A1Dezine have been offering premium web design and development services for about 12 years now. With our constant efforts we have satisfied a huge number of clients. We are also partner with thousands of experts that help us to instantly resolve any problem on the clients site. You can get instant help from our emergency support system at any hour of the day. You have to only email our online technical crew team. They are active to solve any type of website problem. When you choose a plan from our monthly subscription web design package you can stay confident to get the best experience.



Get ultimate convenience and backups

If you choose a monthly web design subscription service you don’t need to take the hassle of running your site. Our qualified team will handle your website to prevent it from getting hacked. We will keep away any mischievous person infecting your site with virus or malware. So, you can freely focus on your business activities and customer needs. Even if your site get attacked by any sort of malicious activity we don’t take much time to fix it. Overall, we provide a highly optimized website along with effective marketing tools. This will definitely help you attract a large number of customers and enhance your business growth.

General FAQs on Monthly Website Payment Plans


  • Do you charge any setup fees?

We don’t charge any setup fees on clients who agree to make payments on yearly basis. Whereas we charge a one time fee of $45 + GST for setup of the monthly Blog plan or Basic site.

  • How long will it take to create my website?

If you wish you can also employ content writers to create attractive content for your website. This will cost you around $110 + GST per thousand words. Once you give us the necessary content we can complete your pay per month website in seven business days. Note that we offer continuous site improvement service depending on your requirements in our pay monthly packages.

  • Is there any legally binding contract?

No. We don’t like to tie our customers with any long term contracts. You have to just get a one year subscription in order to get our designs. After your one year period gets over you can cancel the subscription at any time. Though you won’t feel the need to take this step. As we keep our customers needs at the top of our priority list.

If you still choose to unsubscribe after a year period, you can get a your site backup from our team. We will also move the domain to your account. If you require any help in the future, you can choose our WordPress websites maintenance and support plans.

  • Do you offer custom functionalities?

Of course, you can count on us when you need custom functionalities on your website. Our WordPress website experts are rocking more than 98% customer satisfaction rate. We can design a customized website for you with excellent functionalities. Get in touch with our skilled experts to share your needs.

  • Who will own the domain name and website?

Our experts only take the responsibility to design a well-functional website. You will get the ownership of the domain name and website. Remember you can control the changes or make any amendments in your website functionalities.

  • Will you teach me how to use the website designed for me?

Since we have earned a remarkable experience and reputation over years. We have gained a huge customer base in Hamilton, New Zealand. Thus, we take care that every single client learn how to use their website effectively. To make it simple our experts have created WordPress videos to help customers know almost everything about their website. If you need instant assistance, you can chat with our online customer support team.

  • What happens If I fail to make payments on time?

We don’t like to bother our clients when they don’t make payments on time. So, we give them at least three months to renew their subscription. During this period we only deactivate their site. Once they apply for the renewal of subscription their site is activated again automatically. However, if the customer don’t renew the subscription after three months we delete their site. It is necessary to create space for other interested customers.

  • How do you create monthly subscription websites?

We use WordPress to design all of our pay monthly websites subscription websites. Whereas if you need an eCommerce platform, then we will use WooCommerce. When customers wants to include a plugin, we simply invoice them the related cost.

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